Hello, my name is Estelle. I’m a 20-something living in the UK with my family, four cats and my dear pony, Bumble. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 9 years and am terrifically happy with this fact. I seriously enjoy cooking and baking. If you’re at my house you’ll find the cooking channel on almost constantly. I’m always reading food blogs, looking at food pictures, thinking of new recipes, dreaming about the next meal. I’m a little food obsessed, you could say.

I am certain that all these gastronomic influences will one day land me in my dream career in a food-related industry, hopefully Publishing and magazine orientated. I’ve currently quit my job to fulfill these ideal (so yes, you certainly can call me nuts) so as a penniless lady in the kitchen, I shall carry on.

I do not claim to be the greatest nor the wisest of cooks. I do not always have patience, I am stubborn and often burn my toast. But I have a passion which I thought I should share with everyone. I enjoy cooking, I love taking photographs of what I have cooked. I love baking. It may be perhaps have been  passed down (even genetically, if you believe in such ways) from my Grandma, aptly named by myself as Grandma Cookie (Oma Koekje). She always had fresh biscuits and cakes ready laid out on the table with cups of black tea, served in see-through glass mugs. These were my early memories from my childhood of when my family would go to visit her in Holland. Failing that, she would always have a tin of shop-bought biscuits and wafers next to her old black dial-around phone. My favourite is still coffee wafers (koffie wafels).

I would come home from those trips with a head full of baking. Saying this I was always a creative nut who constantly watched any cooking shows (Saturday Kitchen) or even better, Art Attack. As a child I would wake up at six in the morning on cold weekend mornings, clamber down the stairs and raid the cupboards of its contents: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, chocolate, raisins, masses of sprinkles, chocolate chips and a whole arrangement of food colourings. I’d concoct a mess of dough and batter in a bowl, whack it in a greaseproof-paper lined tin and put it in the oven for far too long that was healthy. Afterwards, I would force my family to eat my sorry excuse for a cake and they’d pretend how amazing it was; my brothers would deny any enjoyment in my experimental cakes.

For years they refused to try my cooking, but I persevered. Now my passion for cooking is something my brother yearns for – he’s begging me to cook him blueberry pancakes, french toast with cinnamon and nutmeg or an array of Mexican foods like quesedillas or fajitas, or even tofu! And I make it for him, because I like to make people happy. In fact, I love being host and if there’s an excuse to cook or bake then I’m there, in the kitchen, with a big ‘ol bowl, wooden spoon in hand.

And I remember a lovely quote from Julia Child – “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

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