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I tend to buy Vegetarian Living Magazine every week and always gape at the beautiful recipes and food they hold inside their pages. I realised that I hardly ever cook or bake anything from this wondrous magazine. So I decided to make myself a little goal – to make a new recipe, either a dinner or baked treat every week. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, like this one I’m featuring today, but different to something I’ve maybe had before.

It was titled Orzo, artichokes and sunkissed tomato pesto.

This particular recipe only took me 40 minutes. It said it was only 10 minutes of prep and 20 minutes cooking time, but I tend to faff about and combine the cooking and prep stuff together. Perhaps I should reconsider a better plan? Perhaps not. Ha! Anyway, it was delicious. Full of flavour, packed with vegetables ad perfect for lunch or dinner, or eaten the next day cold. However, I couldn’t find orzo pasta so I substituted it with conchigliette pasta, which worked out very well. If I make it next time with the same pasta I’ll add more pesto as I think it soaked most of it up. I’ll be making this again, definitely – plus I’ll be sure to use actual orzo pasta the next time as well.

You can find the recipe from the link above.