So about a month ago my friend and I went on a little cupcake decorating adventure. I’d say the adventure was more in the getting there… we had to change trains a few times, then we couldn’t figure out where we had to go upon arriving at the station. We found ourselves in a little village with a pub, an old bookshop, a teashop, lawyers and one of those shops that sell nick-nacks, furniture and stuff that has no real purpose other than to look a bit adorable in your sitting room. Anyway, we eventually found the hall where we were meant to be (although it was filled with  mother & toddler groups, but they soon left).

The lady who runs the course is Laura –Cakes by Laura – here is her website if you want to see her work.

She gave us all a box of vanilla cupcakes and a piping bag and showed us two different techniques on how to do piping. This was really good for me as I have never been certain on the proper way to pipe icing. We then we allowed to play around with sugarpaste, making it marbled, putting it on the cupcakes. She passed around glitter which we all threw on out cupcakes! She explained her way of making batter, different flavours and her specific recipes.

Altogether it was such a fun day out and very informative.

Of course, the finished product. They were delicious as well!