I realise I am entirely useless with this thing. This blog.

A whole year has gone by and, although I’ve been cooking and baking as usual, I just don’t care to post. But today when I woke up, it was raining. And what do you do when the plans you had become hindered by the wet stuff falling from the sky? You bake. Okay, maybe not YOU. But, y’know. As it happened I had three very over-ripe bananas sitting on my countertop, waiting, waiting. Well, of course, I made banana bread. This thing that I whip up everytime bananas have no home on toast (I eat bananas on toast, try it, it’s yummy).

So here we are. Banana bread in the oven. Coffee to the left of me, kitty sleeping on my bed; me – still in my PJ’s on a glorious day off. I guess I’ve been side-tracked a little bit. I guess life can get in the way of our dreams – mine involves cooking. If you know me, you might just know my dream in life (among a few other silly ones) and that yeah, it seems fitting.

Anyway, I’ll shutup now. And I’ll leave you with a crappy picture of some amazing veggie sushi I made.

I’ll make sure I visit often 😉