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I’ve been cooking and baking a fair bit lately, however, my enthusiasm seems to spurt in phases – I’ll be obsessed about dishes, recipes and chopping a thousand ingredients for about two weeks straight and then it’ll all disappear just as it quickly as it appeared. I’ll be sitting on my kitchen counter, looking at the top shelf, staring at cans of chopped tomatoes and pineapple chunks thinking ‘what the hell do I make with all of this stuff?’ And it’s true, I don’t always cook to necessarily eat. I baked a cake last week for the World Cup: a chocolate orange cake with orange frosting, as well as there being an array of carrots, dips, smoked salmon and bucks fizz (a Holland supporter if you didn’t guess by the abundance of orange foodstuffs). In the end I only ended up trying a sliver of cake to taste how it came out because I basically eyeballed all the ingredients from memory. Most of the cake got eaten by guests and friends, which is exactly why I made it – for others to eat it!

Anyway, I was sitting there, thinking of what to eat and there was no inspiration – I didn’t want pasta, rice or potatoes, neither did I fancy couscous or polenta or risotto. Vegetables seemed the least appetising and everything else was far too heavy for my appetite to handle. In the end I settled for a simple pasta with tomato and spinach sauce, which was alright. At least my brother liked it, bearing in mind I whipped it up in ten minutes.

I should probably finish this post with a couple of pictures.

My first attempt at Vegan blueberry muffins, which didn’t rise properly so they’re just little cake things.

Rainbow rice & bean, cheerfully overlooking a Cheltenham sky at dusk. I can’t take credit for this – I believe it comes from www. veganyumyum.com

Apple crumble. A simple favourite.

Happy eating folks!