This is the beginning of what I hope to be a nice little food blog.

As you can probably gather, I love cooking and baking. I mostly dabble in vegetarian recipes as I am a veggie myself, however there may be some vegan and even some dishes including meat. I’ll happily cook it but then when you’re not looking I’ll wash my hands like a crazy woman.

My not-so-secret love is baking cupcakes: they are easy to make, decorate and most importantly, eat! Generally you’ll find me baking out of pure boredum, provided I have the right ingredients lying around the house – one of those baked treats always seems to be banana bread – you might find those black shrivelled bananas totally unappealing but I see banana bread opportunities. Yet no matter how many times I make it, the first I ever made always tasted the best. Same goes for my first carrot cake I made… hmm.

I always thought about going into cookery school but vegetarianism would be a huge hinderance, so I guess I’m not ready to take that step to eat meat again (plus I don’t want to end up sick because of it, seeing as I haven’t eaten meat in quite a few years) but that doesn’t mean it’ll never be on the cards. Till that point, I’m going to cook when I can and for who I can.